Company Presence

Head Office


The entire gamut of operations is professionally managed by a core group comprising of the Chairman, Managing Director & CFO. This combined pool of core competencies across diverse faculties of business operations ranging from manufacturing to marketing to finance & business imparts a synergistic advantage to the overall management leading to a smooth progression towards achievement of corporate objective.

Domestic Operation


As a 17 $ million marketing company, we strongly believe in and cherish the philosophy of brand building through quality offerings. With a established presence of close to four decades in domestic market, we have attained a leadership position with our flagship brand “EUKROMA”, “ITRATOP”and have provided innovative brands, pioneer Cough & Cold formulations of Lemolinctus range and unique anti-protozoal formulation – Tinilox MPS.

Future Plans

future plan

Yash has aspirations to become a 500$million company by the year 2023. Towards achieving this end, Yash Pharma has a plan of scaling up its domestic operations through expansion of product portfolio as well as field force. On product front new introductions are already planned. In terms of manpower from present 400 field personnel, we plan to expand to 600 to reach and carry our brands to 40000 more doctors


Located at Roorkee, in the one of the greenest states of India, Uttarakhand, the plant is spread over 80,000 sq feet. WHOGMP & USFDA certified plant, we manufacture a wide spectrum of medicine, spanning oral dosage forms like tablets and capsules, liquid oral preparations like Syrup, suspension, pediatric drops, external preparations like ointments; creams, gel, lotions, shampoo and ear drops, nasal sprays. Stringent norms laid down by GMP and strictly implemented by YASH Pharma ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the marketing authorization.



Our quality is the reason that keeps the production lines of Yash busy with manufacturing-outsourcing and handling new proposals and requests from many pharmaceutical companies. It’s our experience of 4 decades that reinforces up client confidence on our manufacturing capabilities, as also our abilities to deliver the quality committed.

At Yash Pharma Pvt.Ltd., quality is not by mere chance, but is the result of systematic and intelligent work. This quality is possible for the extra vigil we exercise over stringent quality control measures. Our concern for Quality ensures that every tablet, every drop of a liquid formulation and every filled-tube leaving our factory deliver satisfaction to every patient who is prescribed our brands. In-process checks at every stage leave nothing to chance.

The departments of manufacturing, quality assurance, quality control and R & D are managed by professionals, duly licensed for each dosage form. Technical staff of Yash Pharma undergoes periodic training and is regularly exposed to professional updating programs to keep pace with, and track of newer developments in pharmaceutical technology and instrumentation.